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If you post often, you will see an immediate spike in News Feed impressions, but it’s generally not worth the cost in lost fans. When your fans see two status updates from you in their News Feeds, they’ll likely get annoyed, and will consequently unsubscribe or un-fan. There are few exceptions to this rule.

If you post too infrequently, you’re missing out on opportunities to reach your fans. Over the course of a year, a page with 10,000 fans that posts only half as often as they could misses more than 1 million chances to get their content in front of a hyper-targeted Facebook audience. The larger your fan page, the more often you should be posting — without annoying your fans.

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Oct 272011



You may not have heard of all the free to play games coming out recently they don’t tend to have the same marketing budget as your Battlefields and Call of Dutys but you should probably be paying a little more attention. Sure, some of them are a little shallow, or unfair to non-paying customers, but there are F2P games in every genre, and a lot of them are top notch.So why pay to play? Read on for our list of 25 top-notch free online games. For each game, well tell you what you get for free and what costs money, so you never get surprised.

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Oct 242011

Even if you’re a small business, don’t neglect YouTube. More than ever, brand fans and loyalists are seeking out businesses on YouTube as supplemental outlets to a brand’s Facebook and Twitter presences. Consequently, the video-sharing site has proven hugely profitable for many companies.

Want to get in on the action? Here are eight examples of successful branding via YouTube.

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Oct 242011

Laurence McCahill, co-founder of Spook Studio, explains how his team has simplified the process of creating a website into three key stages. In the last part of this series he provides 10 top tips on promoting your finished site

So now that you’ve got a kick-ass website you’re all set, right? Wrong. It doesn’t matter how good your site is – if nobody even knows it exists, then you can’t exactly consider it a success. You need to get out there and promote it. Whether this is via search, social media, word of mouth or telepathy, you’ll need a plan in order to focus your efforts and start getting some serious traffic.

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Oct 202011

According to Socialbakers statistics, which measure demographic distribution, growth percentage in age distribution and trends in industries in September, there is significant growth of females in most of the biggest European countries. Industries that mostly dominated the statistics in September were Beauty, Travel, Automobile and Retail.

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Oct 202011

Brand pages are coming to Google+ “imminently,” according to Google’s senior vice president of engineering, Vic Gundotra. “Not days…a little bit longer than days,” he said.

Gundotra, who shared the stage at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco today with Google co-founder Segrey Brin, said there has been “overwhelming interest” in this feature. For users who want to have a non-real identity, Gundotra said that Google+ would support pseudonyms.

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Google+ will soon support pseudonyms and other forms of identity, says a Google executive.During a conversation at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, SVP of Social Vic Gundotra revealed that Google will eventually support other forms of identity. While Google started with only allowing users to sign up if they used their real names, it will be adding features that will “support other forms of identity” in the next few months.

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Oct 192011



Facebook’s new Page Insights and some third-party tools can help you determine the lifespan of your Facebook Page updates. When your updates stop receiving Likes and comments, it may be time to post a new update to make sure you’re consistently engaging your fans. Here we’ll walk-through how to find your optimal Facebook Page publishing frequency.

PageLever ran a limited study of 20 posts from five Facebook Pages with over 1 million fans. It found that that average lifespan of a Page post in the news feed was 22 hours and 51 minutes. The median lifespan was 19 hours and 30 minutes.

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Oct 192011

Vintage fonts and retro designs are all the rage on the web. Illustrator and designer Naomi Atkinson reveals some quirky Photoshop and CSS tricks to give your designs a retrotastic feel



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As a freelancer or job seeker, it is important to have a resume that stands out among the rest — one of the more visually pleasing options on the market today is the infographic resume.

An infographic resume enables a job seeker to better visualize his or her career history, education and skills.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a graphic designer, and whipping up a professional-looking infographic resume can be a difficult task for the technically unskilled job seeker. For those of us not talented in design, it can also be costly to hire an experienced designer to toil over a career-centric infographic.

Luckily, a number of companies are picking up on this growing trend and building apps to enable the average job seeker to create a beautiful resume.

To spruce up your resume, check out these four tools for creating an infographic CV. If you’ve seen other tools on the market, let us know about them in the comments below.

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