Feb 072013


Whether or not you are a gifted artist, theres a fun, free game on the interweb thats gonna make you feel like a seasoned professional. Its called Silk and you can make gorgeous little designs in an instant with vertical or four-way symmetry. Or, for you gutsy folks, no symmetry.

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Sep 122012

Beating your head against a project’s metaphorical wall will never help you get into a creative and productive flow. Denise Jacobs presents four unconventional ways to help you get your creative productivity on

While most people attempt to force great ideas of out themselves by relentless pursuit of an answer to a problem or straining to think up original ideas, they don’t realise that most truly great ideas are borne from a more hands-off approach that comes from the back and forth dance between concentrated and diffused focus.

The road less travelled

Creative bursts occur when discrete bits of information stored in the brain connect along new neural pathways. Unfortunately, most people are typically overloaded and exhausted mentally and in a stressed state when trying to produce good work. Despite their best efforts, their brains travel along well-worn, established pathways, and they literally have one-track minds.

Clearly, a one-track mind is no place to generate awesome ideas. But, if one thing were ever true, it’s that you can’t force creativity: it needs incubation, downtime, and the space to happen on its own schedule. However, just because you can’t force creativity doesn’t mean you can’t give it the proper encouragement. Let’s take a look at four lesser-known secrets for increasing creative productivity.

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Nov 042011

The incredible mixed-media art of Joe Fenton. He uses materials such as graphite, ink, acrylic, crayon and more.



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Oct 192011

Vintage fonts and retro designs are all the rage on the web. Illustrator and designer Naomi Atkinson reveals some quirky Photoshop and CSS tricks to give your designs a retrotastic feel



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Oct 142011

“Landscapes: Volume Two” is a time-lapse film directed by Dustin Farrell, title design by Chris Pettit, and music by John Murphy. The footage was taken in Arizona and Utah.



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Sep 282011



Craft cutter Beth Ann Magnuson creates patterns on eggs that are reminiscent of Victorian lace. You can view the artist working on an eggshell at YouTube.

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Sep 222011



In case your jaw has not been hitting the floor enough lately, here is an exquisite photograph of the Milky Way seemingly wedged into a mountainside of Nepal:

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