May 292013


A new scam going around Facebook recently begins with a message to page owners about a new “Fan Page Verification Program.” From there, users are prompted to share their Facebook email and password, which is part of a phishing scam.

Similar to another scam that targeted page admins in the past, the message purports to be from Facebook Security and is designed to trick users into sharing their Facebook login information. This latest scam, detailed by Hoax-Slayer, tells page owners that they qualify for a new security feature and must choose a 10-digit security code by May 30, otherwise their page could be suspended. The message includes a link to a site with form fields for their page URL, email address, password and a “transferring code” of their choice.

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Jan 102013


The Facebook Pages Manager Android app offers a variety of features.

You can post new updates and photos and answer user comments. You can reply to private messages sent to your page. You can also receive notices about new activity on your page and see data revealing how many people are checking out your page. You can even manage multiple pages from the app.

Facebook has long offered a similar app for iOS. So it’s about time Android users had their own version.

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Oct 032012

The new Like Pages option should drive more active fans to your Facebook Page.

After eliminating fake fans and deleting thousands of duplicate and user-misnamed accounts, Facebook decided to suggest more active and engaging fans to brands. The social network added a “Like Pages” option on the left-hand side in the Pages section, proposing users pages they should Like based on the user’s interests listed in their profile, the pages they have already Liked and their recent check-ins.

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Jul 242012

There are a few things going on here. Page owners who thought tab apps were eliminated completely with Timeline have realized this isn’t the case and begun adding apps to their pages again. Users are becoming accustomed to the new layout and learning where to find additional content through apps. Page owners are adapting and employing better strategies to support the tab apps they implement. And clever developers are taking steps to help page owners understand best practices for apps on Timeline. Pages and developers that haven’t changed their approach have seen their numbers bottom out, as in the first graph above.

The key difference since Timeline is that now page owners have to actively promote their tab applications, whereas previously the app was the first thing new visitors saw when they came to the page. Woobox’s DeCarlo says he immediately recognized this and when Timeline launched, Woobox added a feature to give page owners a short shareable URL with a customizable image, headline and summary that would appear when the link was posted to Facebook.

Thunderpenny, another page app developer that is seeing an increase in users, has a new Tips & Tricks section that explains what page owners should do now that the default landing tab option is gone. For example, the developer recommends changing the links on a company’s website to lead to a specific tab rather than the main page. It also recommends giving the app prime placement among other tabs and using the new “pin post” option to prominently feature a status update that links to the tab.

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Jul 172012

Some Facebook page owners are seeing a new “Report Duplicates” module that allows them to search for pages related to their own and report those that are unofficial. Facebook will review the duplicates and then recategorize them as community pages that link back to the official fan page.


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Jul 172012

About 5 to 10 percent of traffic to Facebook pages comes from external sources rather than from within Facebook, according to data from PageLever.

The Facebook analytics company looked at 500 Facebook pages each with more than 100,000 fans and found that the average of 7.56 percent of traffic to pages came from external referrals between March 2011 and February 2012.


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Apr 182012

The Facebook Timeline for brands has been launched a few weeks ago but some Pages still need to learn from their mistakes.


SOURCE: 5 Biggest Facebook Timeline Mistakes – Socialbakers.


Apr 182012

Facebook has implemented a “listen” button on artists’ fan pages that lets users instantly stream songs from an artist’s catalog.

The button, which sits between options to Like and message the page below an artist’s cover photo, plays music using whichever Facebook-connected streaming service a person uses most frequently. Users can play and pause a song with the button, but they have to visit the streaming service to skip to the next song or fast forward through a track.

The feature will help users sample music when they visit an artist page for the first time and could help make Facebook a go-to option for people looking for new music, similar to how many people used MySpace in its heyday. Streaming services will benefit from the traffic and artists will appreciate Facebook linking to legally licensed versions of their work. Page tab application companies like ReverbNation and BandPage could suffer, since one of the key features they offer is music players for artists’ Facebook pages.

SOURCE: Facebook pages for artists now include ‘listen’ button.


Apr 042012

“The Simpsons” topped our list of the fastest growing Facebook pages this week. There was also “Titanic,” the band LMFAO, several sports stars, a few blog-related pages, Miracle-Gro and Android app player for Windows PC BlueStacks.

Pages on our list this week grew from between 285,000 to 1.9 million Likes. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.


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Mar 212012

You Don´t Have To Say Goodbye To Your Default Landing Page

Socialbakers has written many articles about the custom landing tab and how great it is in converting Facebook users into Brand Fans. A customized tab is known to provide users with incentives to Like the Page in the form of special offers, discounts, access to special content, professional tips etc. Setting this tab as a default page made it easy to offer this exclusive content to Facebook users visiting the Page and it also worked as a great welcoming tab with all the brand colors, logos, claims, pictures etc.

You Still Have The Unique URL!

You don´t have to say farewell to your default landing page because your apps still have their unique URL! That means that you can still drive traffic to your landing page via Facebook ads, your Fan Page and even outside Facebook via your website, blog, emails or other social networks like Twitter.


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