Sep 282012

Get the best out of your Drupal site with these speed tips

Drupal is not known as the most performant application, neither is the PHP language it is written on, but there are lots of things you can do to increase the performance of your Drupal site. This article will touch on many of those methods covering key modules, configuring these modules and setting up other applications to aid your Drupal site.

MORETop 15 Drupal performance tips | Feature | .net magazine.


Sep 282012

Gabe Newell now famously referred to Windows 8 as a “catastrophe for everyone in the PC space,” which could work out great for Linux users. Based in part on fears that Microsoft will erect a walled garden around Windows 8 and lock out developers who don’t want to play the Windows Store game, Valve has been hard at work trying to port Steam over to Linux, and the first beta run will kick off in October.

The private beta is only open to 1,000 users, so it’s a pretty exclusive club if you can manage to get in.

MOREMaximum PC | Valve Plans Limited Beta Test for Steam on Linux, Only 1,000 Users Invited.


Sep 282012


This ain’t your Uncle’s Atom processor. Don’t believe Intel’s newly announced Atom Z2760 has the chops to run a Windows 8 at speed? Acer’s Iconia W510 runs Windows 8 Pro pretty damned fast.


Sep 282012

Local alternatives to Dropbox are worth looking into for those concerned about the security risks of uploading data to a cloud storage provider. We recently profiled AeroFS, which integrates a Dropbox-style folder into your file system and syncs it across computers. While it works quite well, the service is still in a limited beta, does not yet enable mobile or Web-based access, and isnt the only useful approach to building a “personal cloud.”

Another approach a lot of users might find interesting makes every file on your desktop, including those in external hard drives, available to any other computer, smartphone, or tablet. Luckily, this is quite easy these days—even if youve never set up a server, typed a line of code, or learned what NAS stands for.

For the purposes of this article, well look at two services: Tonido and PocketCloud. We chose them because they are cross-platform on both desktop and mobile, friendly to non-techie types, and provide their core services for free without requiring any hardware other than your desktop. At the end, well also briefly discuss some other options for secure file sharing.

Tonido and PocketCloud both keep your data on your own machines, never uploading files to their own servers except in one limited case involving PocketCloud.

MOREHow to put all your data on the Web—without storing it in the cloud | Ars Technica.


Sep 272012

Facebook and Dropbox today announce the integration of the cloud storage service to allow users to easily share Dropbox files with people in their Facebook Groups.

Now when users select “Add File” from the Groups publisher, they will have an option to choose a file from Dropbox. The first time users do this, they will have to connect their Dropbox and Facebook accounts, if they have not done so already. Then, any document, photo or video file they share will show up on the group’s wall and can be viewed on a smartphone or tablet. Group members can like or comment on file posts, just as they can with other group posts. When users make edits to files they’ve shared, the group will get an update automatically.

Group members are able to see a user’s post with the link to the file but do not have access to the rest of the person’s Dropbox. Dropbox creates a unique token used only in that link, however, group members can copy the link and share the file elsewhere.

MOREFacebook Groups get Dropbox integration for more flexible file sharing.


Sep 272012

Tweeting is a science; however, a few basic tips will help ensure your Twitter page increases in follower quality. (Did you catch that? Quality, not quantity! More on that later.)

When it comes to Twitter, followers want to read engaging, interesting tweets. If you think of Twitter in terms of a book, readers do not keep reading the same boring books (or tweets) by the same boring authors (or tweeters). For followers, Twitter is just that: reading. For brands, Twitter is a social platform for which interacting with customers is essential, NOT marketing. Twitter is not an advertisement; it’s a conversation.

So, let’s start increasing your Twitter followers.

1) Use Twitter as a Social Outlet, Not a Marketing Tool

MORESecret Social Marketing Tip: Tweet This, Not That! – Socialbakers.


Sep 272012

Social media has become a powerful tool in attracting a large number of inbound links at a low cost. In this whitepaper, part of the Adrants Whitepaper Series, HubSpot provides ten steps for brands seeking to get others to link to their site without spending a red cent on advertising or other promotions. From guest blog posts to contests to lists to content distribution strategies and more, the whitepaper provides how to tips as well as real world examples of the tips in action.

via 10-Step Guide to Social Link Building – Adrants.


Sep 272012

A recently found Facebook bug lets you to post un-deletable messages to friends’ walls.

Here’s how it works: Once you’ve blocked a person on Facebook, he or she can no longer see content you’ve posted on the social network, including posts you’ve made to their own wall. Since the content is no longer visible, it can’t be deleted. The only way either party can see the post again is if the block is removed.

In a way, Facebook lets you know that’s going to happen when you block someone in the first place: “Blocking means you won’t be able to see or contact each other on Facebook,” reads a message that pops up when you decide to block someone (see screenshot below). However, it’s a one-sided agreement: The person being blocked isn’t notified, and all of the content you’ve previously posted on their wall remains intact but invisible to both of you.

MOREFacebook Bug Creates Wall Posts That Can Never Be Deleted.


Sep 272012

The purge has commenced. Facebook is throwing out all fake users, accounts, and likes. Thats right, all of those thousands of questionable thumbs ups are starting to disappear.

The social network announced last month that itd start this massive deletion process, but it was unclear when. According to TechCrunch, Facebook confirmed today that the time is now.

Over the course of the day, tens of thousands of fans were quietly dropped from Facebook Pages. Data from Facebook metrics site PageData shows that Zyngas Texas HoldEm Poker lost 96,000 fans today, while Rihanna lost 22,198, and Michael Jackson lost 17,591. Even the Facebook like champion Eminem had fans vanish today — his count dropped by 15,420.

MOREFacebook trashes fake accounts, users, and likes | Internet & Media – CNET News.


Sep 262012

No one ever said being an entrepreneur is easy. Creating your own business and career path is tough — and succeeding in this lifestyle seems to require an elusive mix of traits.

After all, most of the entrepreneurs I know are intelligent. They are hardworking and usually at the top of their given field. However, all too often I’ve watched these smart people go from thriving in the workplace to struggling as a business owner.

There are numerous reasons why some entrepreneurs make it big, while others flounder. Here are seven key reasons why some entrepreneurs fail to live up to their potential.

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