Mar 142013


Pinterest has launched Pinterest Web Analytics, a tool that allows profiles with verified websites to see what Pinterest users are pinning from their sites and, as a walkthrough video puts it, understand where those pins are going.

That means brands with verified accounts like Honda, McDonald’s, and Walmart can see how Pinterest users organize and share their content on the network and learn more about how those users want to incorporate the content into their lives, Pinterest says.

“Bloggers, businesses, and organizations often ask us, ‘What are people pinning from my websites?'” Pinterest Software Engineer Tao Tao writes in a blog post announcing the tool. “These website owners help create the content on Pinterest and we wanted to help them understand which pieces of content people find most interesting.”

Web Analytics features include how many people have pinned from a brand’s site, how many people have seen the pins, and how many people have visited the brand’s site from Pinterest.

The Analytics page also has tabs for Most Repinned, Most Clicked, and Most Recent Pins. The blog post says this will give brands a better idea of what’s popular.

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Mar 112013


Linkedin and Pinterest are among the top 2 social networks that has seen considerable scale in revenue and users last year and in an interesting research ” shows why Ecommerce and online retailers are throwing their might with Pinterest instead to spending on Facebook A recent chart from Comscore showed that ” Pinterest user base” outspends Facebook users and its ” Spending Power” or consumption patterns are more lucrative to marketers compared to any other social media site

The nature of Pinterest social community is more transactional as compared to other social networks . This is because its not only the numbers but the kind of ” product mix” Pinterest users engage in .

Not many know that 80% of the top Pinterest categories are related to commerce, and its no wonder why more jewelry,Apparels,and Cosmetic, Fashion and beauty chains are heavily investing on it As a result, Pinterest users who shop at Sephora spend 15 times more on its products than the brand’s Facebook followers.

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Nov 192012

One of the hottest and fastest-growing social networks ” Pinterest”  has started a business  Pinterest which allows business and brands to use Pinterest for online brand building and marketing.

A growing number of brands has started embracing Pinterest , and it’s no surprise that a growing number of brands are making the image-centric service a part of their social media strategy.

But up until now, their activities on Pinterest have technically been in violation of the service’s rules, which forbade commercial usage.

The official rules of engagement changed yesterday, however, as Pinterest officially launched Pinterest for Business.

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Sep 262012

Volvo Cars of North America is tapping into the aspirational nature of Pinterest by asking users to describe their ideal road trip in a new campaign it hopes will ultimately present the brand in a new light to a different audience.

This marks Volvo’s first foray into Pinterest and marks the launch of the car manufacturer’s official Pinterest channel.

In the new promotion, Pinterest users who create a pinboard named “Volvo Joyride” through September 26 and pin the Volvo model S60 T5 AWD along with their favorite road trip destination, stops, attractions, outfits, songs, and other items that make up their ideal trip will be entered to win one four-day lease of the aforementioned car. Winners receive additional road trip perks, including a two-night hotel stay and gift cards for gas, food/beverage, clothing, and music.

Three winners will be selected with the most re-pins, likes, and comments.

According to Linda Gangeri, manager of marketing platforms and technologies, Volvo Joyride has over 600 participants to date.

And, so far, Volvo’s new Pinterest page has five boards, 77 pins, and about 775 followers.

Gangeri says Volvo had a soft launch on Pinterest in August.

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Sep 042012

These new platforms are social at their core. So it’s instantly about more than putting a few images on a page; it’s opening a window into your brand. What companies share must strike a balance between bringing to life a genuine brand story and providing content that inspires and compels action. Furthermore, marketing strategies for how brands engage with consumers should reflect how and why consumers are using those channels.

Following are tips for navigating the waters of these new visual platforms using a combination of direct marketing best practices and our learned understanding of digital and social behavior.

If you’ve ever been a part of a website implementation, you know the biggest sticker shock is always the photography — how much it costs to produce high quality photo inventory. Yet the rise of new visual platforms has made this component more important than ever. Brands must consider the quality of photography and what images should represent their products and services.

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Jul 052012

Here is a great graphic tool that answers a question we’ve asked ourselves many times – what size does that image need to be? This graphic breaks down the layouts on all your favorite social sites, giving the dimensions so you can properly size your images, and get exactly the look you want. Link below, or you can find it in this post on our forum here.


Online Marketing Trends: Social Media Marketing: Most Used Tactics Across Social Media.


May 232012

Rather than challenge Facebook and Twitter for mindshare, Google is a distant fourth to Pinterest, with its “pin it” button now appearing alongside Facebook, Twitter and email buttons on prime web real-estate such as eBay and Amazon product pages.

Google has never been able to ” succeed ” in any of its social media initiative and this infographic makes it  clear why .

Nissan, was among the biggest  brands on Google plus  for having one of the best new Google+ brand pages, even down to the animated GIF in its header image that gives the illusion of a car speeding by. Nearly 424,000 users have added the page to their “circles” Google+ lingo for following a person or brand and yet Nissans agency decided early on not to invest in developing content specifically for the page, which mostly contains repurposed content from Facebook.

“The bottom line was that it was pretty bleak in its traffic,” said Brandon Kleinman, director of social media and strategy at TBWA/Chiat/Day.The broad consensus is that Google+ is an empty city where the masses go to set up a profile but then seldom return.

SOURCE   Online Marketing Trends: Brands Flock To Pinterest, as Google plus sink to new low.


May 022012

Today’s web does not limit the act of curation to those with a doctorate degree. Anyone and everyone can, and do, curate using everything from bookmarking sites to social networks. “Social curation,” as we call it, is simply the act of sharing, categorizing, and spreading content to others. The content can be your own or someone else’s. And, because you are sharing content that lives in its place of origin via linking, it is not considered stealing.

Why do people spend hours online bookmarking, pinning, and reposting? The answer is different for everyone, but we can be sure that it’s for the same reason a woman might show off her shoe closet to a friend to hear, “OMG, those are so cute where did you find these?!” Or, a man might sit through an entire dinner carefully talking through the history of aviation and the ins and outs of his profession. We all want to be recognized for our expertise, talents, and savvy. Posting content we care about displays our creativity, interests, opinions, and personality. Being social creatures, we naturally want to share the best of things with our circles and get recognition for the good find. On the receiving end, people enjoy discovering and exploring things that are highly relevant and interesting.

Of course, when human behavior shifts, brands are quick to follow suit. In this article, we’ll discuss how marketers can get in on the social curation boom in a meaningful way.

There are a lot of websites out there offering curation-type services. They crop up and disappear with the latest craze. To get a clear sense of how a brand might leverage curation, we can break them down into categories.

SOURCE:  8 social curation tricks for Pinterest and beyond (single page view) –