Jul 052012

Here is a great graphic tool that answers a question we’ve asked ourselves many times – what size does that image need to be? This graphic breaks down the layouts on all your favorite social sites, giving the dimensions so you can properly size your images, and get exactly the look you want. Link below, or you can find it in this post on our forum here.


Online Marketing Trends: Social Media Marketing: Most Used Tactics Across Social Media.


Sep 062011

Oh sure, gradients are all the rage β€” and rightly so β€” but there are some super-handy bits you may not have investigated thoroughly. Maybe they seem more utilitarian and don’t have the swagger of box-shadow and border-radius, but in this tutorial I intend to change your mind. One of my favourites is background-size. Let’s see what some of the possibilities are.

The background-size property does exactly what you would expect β€” it allows you to specify the size of a background image on both the X-axis (horizontally) and the Y-axis (vertically).

via Take advantage of the CSS background-size property | Tutorial | .net magazine.