Sep 302011



I originally assumed that Poking was merely flirting: A subtle way to get the attention of another Facebook user. And yet just under half of my Pokes are from males — most of them seemingly straight (or are they?). So again: What does a Poke mean? And should we take a Poke to be flirtatious when it could, in my case, just as easily mean “Hey, I just sent you a press release about my new app”?

Facebook doesn’t even know what a Poke means, with the Help page reading: “The poke feature can be used for a variety of things on Facebook. For instance, you can poke your friends to say hello.” Ah, so they’re either saying hello, or flirting, or pestering … or something completely different.

via Facebook, It’s Time To Kill the Poke.

Sep 302011



One of two lamps released by Crealev, the $1,196 Silhouette lamp is comprised of two pieces, one which levitates and illuminates above the second base piece using LED and electromagnetic technology. Still confused? Watch the video below…

via Final Frame: The Levitating Silhouette Lamp | Apartment Therapy Unplggd.

Sep 302011



Google Analytics, the super dominant free web analytics platform, has to date offered analytics that were roughly 24 hours behind. The wait to stop waiting has come to an end and today the company announced that Google Analytics is now rolling out real-time reporting to its users.

via Google Analytics Finally Goes Real Time (Plus New Premium Accounts).

Sep 282011



Sure, it’s easy to say you’ll quit Facebook. Even without the most recent changes, its sheer size and near-ubiquity is enough to make the more paranoid amongst us want to opt-out. After all, the world existed for billions of years before Facebook; certainly life would continue to be just fine without it.

This is true. Still, quitting Facebook is much more difficult than it sounds. After all, what happens when someone sends you a link to a photo, video or conversation, but requires a Facebook login to see? Facebook is unique in its broad social reach. Unlike earlier social networks like LiveJournal, Friendster or MySpace, Facebook isn’t just for younger users. Despite getting its start on college campuses, Facebook is now just as popular amongst adolescents as it is with Baby Boomers.

That broad social reach means cutting the service out of your life is easier said than done. Sure, it’s fun to say “I’ll delete my account and never log in again,” but as soon my cousin posts photos of her new baby and makes those photos only visible on Facebook… well, that kind of kills my resolve.

via No, You Aren’t Going to Quit Facebook.

Sep 282011



Google Plus’ big killer feature from the start has been that it lets users organize their friends and acquaintances into Circles to control what is shared, and with whom. But creating all these curated groups seemed a little like a half baked feature seeing as you couldn’t let anyone else in on that perfectly organized group. Well, now you can. Google is rolling out the ability to share circles on Google+.

To share a Circle, just click on the Circle in question and choose Share. This will pull up the familiar composition field where you can choose who to share it with.

via Maximum PC | Google+ Now Allows You To Share Circles.

Sep 282011

In the last year, newspaper copyright troll Righthaven has brought its dubious lawsuits in two states: Nevada and Colorado. (Update: a lawyer in South Carolina says Righthaven filed a single case there as well.) With a new ruling today from a Colorado federal judge overseeing all of Righthaven’s cases there, courts in both states have now told Righthaven to take a hike—and to pay court costs before it goes.

Righthaven’s business model has been based largely on suing small-time bloggers and forum posters who have copied articles or photos from the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Denver Post. When threatened with a federal lawsuit for copyright infringement, many of these users decided to settle for a few thousand dollars instead. It turns out they needn’t have done so, however; Righthaven never had the right to sue them in the first place.

via Righthaven copyright suits tossed in Colorado, too.

Sep 282011



Craft cutter Beth Ann Magnuson creates patterns on eggs that are reminiscent of Victorian lace. You can view the artist working on an eggshell at YouTube.

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Sep 282011



ZipShare is an application from WinZip that quickly and easily allows users to share up  to 100 megabytes worth of data on Facebook, either to their groups or on their Wall. The app brings you through Facebook Connect, asks you to upload your files and where you want to post  them (group or Wall). The app then converts this data into a zip file and publishes a download link.

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Sep 282011



Technologist Benjamin Bojko and art director Dan Mall, on behalf of digital agency Big Spaceship, give us an exclusive look behind the creation of and explain how they pulled off the loading process and added depth and fluid parallax motion to the particles effect on the site

ACTIVATE engaged Big Spaceship as digital agency of record to oversee digital strategy and production, including the brand’s social and mobile marketing. The redesign of and establishing their Facebook presence emerged as the primary initiatives in re-setting their online presence for this growing brand. When the Big Spaceship team began brainstorms towards these goals we didn’t have a lot of time to pull this off.

via Building an immersive environment with CSS and JavaScript | Tutorial | .net magazine.

Sep 232011

Companies that must grapple with whether to maintain their Facebook pages in-house or outsource them to firms – thus adding another line item to their budgets –  are finding the decision harder to make.For while Facebook is indeed enhancing its own features for DIY users, third-party providers are also beefing up their own offering. The latest example of the former is new functionality Facebook appears to be testing that gives page administrators “per post” data.

via DIY Facebook Page Management: The Choice Gets Harder – MarketingVOX.