Sep 272012

Social media has become a powerful tool in attracting a large number of inbound links at a low cost. In this whitepaper, part of the Adrants Whitepaper Series, HubSpot provides ten steps for brands seeking to get others to link to their site without spending a red cent on advertising or other promotions. From guest blog posts to contests to lists to content distribution strategies and more, the whitepaper provides how to tips as well as real world examples of the tips in action.

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Sep 252012

In this Social Media Wrap Up September 2012 report, part of the Adrants whitepaper series, top marketing experts share their lessons learned and secrets on social media discussing everything from the basics to the most advanced techniques. The report, a collection of several short articles, will help you learn how your company should use social media as well as how to hire a social media agency or whether or not you should keep the position in-house.

In the report, you will learn:

  • Tips to improve your social media strategy
  • 79 social media facts and figures for September
  • Three cardinal sins of social media writing
  • Why social media managers should stop talking about social media
  • How LinkedIn Groups can improve your social media strategy

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Sep 282011



ZipShare is an application from WinZip that quickly and easily allows users to share up  to 100 megabytes worth of data on Facebook, either to their groups or on their Wall. The app brings you through Facebook Connect, asks you to upload your files and where you want to post  them (group or Wall). The app then converts this data into a zip file and publishes a download link.

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