Jun 022014

Pixar announced last week that it will be releasing a free, noncommercial version of its Renderman package. All of the many elements that make up Renderman will be made available to download as part of Pixar and Disney’s initiative to set Renderman up as the 3D imaging industry standard.

Renderman comprises a large batch of software and an API, and it works with Autodesk products like Maya to expand on tools for modeling, lighting, texturing, shading, VFX, and animation. Renderman also includes tools for setting up a render farm across multiple computers and servers.

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Sep 252012

In this Social Media Wrap Up September 2012 report, part of the Adrants whitepaper series, top marketing experts share their lessons learned and secrets on social media discussing everything from the basics to the most advanced techniques. The report, a collection of several short articles, will help you learn how your company should use social media as well as how to hire a social media agency or whether or not you should keep the position in-house.

In the report, you will learn:

  • Tips to improve your social media strategy
  • 79 social media facts and figures for September
  • Three cardinal sins of social media writing
  • Why social media managers should stop talking about social media
  • How LinkedIn Groups can improve your social media strategy

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Oct 272011



You may not have heard of all the free to play games coming out recently they don’t tend to have the same marketing budget as your Battlefields and Call of Dutys but you should probably be paying a little more attention. Sure, some of them are a little shallow, or unfair to non-paying customers, but there are F2P games in every genre, and a lot of them are top notch.So why pay to play? Read on for our list of 25 top-notch free online games. For each game, well tell you what you get for free and what costs money, so you never get surprised.

via Maximum PC | The F2P Revolution: 25 Killer Online Games You Can Play For Free.