Feb 092016

Multi-account switching on the mobile version of Instagram is now possible on the iOS.

Instagram officially announced the update via a blog post on Monday. It might not come as big news to some, but it’s definitely something that frequent users of the photo-sharing app have been waiting for.

The feature isn’t exactly new, though. The beta update version 7.12.0 that brought it to the table rolled out back in November 2015, but it was only available to Android users. This time around, everyone can use it.

“Starting this week, you can quickly and easily switch between multiple accounts on Instagram!” the company says, addressing all users on every mobile platform and noting that the feature is part of version 7.15.

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Mar 132013


Although this is the eighth time that the Dropbox desktop client has been updated this year, this latest build (version 2.0) is significant because the tray menu has not only received a much-needed facelift but also some added functionality. The new and improved Dropbox menu keeps the user informed of the most recent file changes and notifies them in real time when something is shared with them.

“We’ve made it easier than ever to accept invitations to shared folders, see links or albums that people have shared with you, and keep tabs on what’s changed in your Dropbox,” wrote Dropbox engineer Max Belanger in a blog post Tuesday.

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Sep 262012

With the rebirth of MySpace, introduced by a slick video featuring Justin Timberlake, new owner Specific Media (and Timberlake) is looking to get the social network’s swagger back. The new look centers on a image-heavy, horizontal layout similar to Pinterest. Taking pragmatic view, the new MySpace incorporate “rivals” Twitter and Facebook but will remain focused on music.

Specific Media purchased MySpace for $35 millon from Rupert Murdoch after he, several years earlier, had paid $580 million.

In the video, we are told MySpace will be “staying true to our roots in one important way – empowering people to express themselves however they want.”




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Jul 062012

Twitter could be planning a major update to its search and discovery feature later today, according to one of its employees.

Twitter’s Pankaj Gupta, who runs the company’s Personalization and Recommender Systems, sent out a tweet yesterday congratulating his team on an improvement to its search and discovery tools that, he says, will dramatically change the service.

“Search and discovery in Twitter [is] set to change forever after tomorrow,” Gupta tweeted. “Team — congrats and enjoy the enormity of your impact few understand today.”

Twitter has quickly realized that improving the user’s ability to access relevant information from the service is a key component in its future.

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Sep 052011

Over the long weekend I took the opportunity to tweak our WordPress blog, and mock up another for a client. While WordPress seems so easy to use, I’m starting to think that impression is a bit deceptive.

For one thing, I seem to find myself spending a lot of time activating and deactivating plugins, and installing and uninstalling various widgets and other add-ons. I’ve discovered that user ratings are very important. Even a quality plugin might not work exactly the way you expect it to. If you are lucky, this will only lead to some unexpected time spent scratching your head until you figure out the problem, or find an alternative. Worst case scenario(which does not seem all that infrequent), when something goes wrong, you may lose access to the platform altogether, and be faced with 404 pages, and figuring out what code is out of place over ftp.

The biggest issue seems to be quality. So this is fair warning: make sure you go with the highest quality you can find, and save yourself some headaches. That means highest quality add-ons, that are well-maintained and come highly recommended. It also means quality information. One issue I ran into: information about what you are trying to do(whatever it is)is all over the web, but it may not apply exactly to your situation. I mentioned that I was working on our blog and a mock-up. I thought, “there has to be a way to have more than one blog on the same domain.” I discovered WordPress Multisite. It seemed simple enough; a tweak here and there, a few lines of code, and I would be good to go.

Not so fast.

A couple of days and a downgrade, and complete second installation later, I knew better. What I learned from piecing together low-quality info from around the web is that a) there are a few more steps than at first glance, b) many of the steps are quite server specific, and the biggie, c) for some reason you can’t successfully convert blogs older than 30 days to multisite. Well, not for ‘some reason,’ rather some reason I don’t care to remember at this point.

Bottom line: save yourself time and headaches by finding the best quality information you can, know the steps to your project, and know the information necessary for your specific situation.

-James Andre

Aug 242011



Facebook unveiled a massive wave of privacy changes on Tuesday. It’s one of the biggest privacy overhauls in the company’s history, one that includes more than a dozen changes to profiles, status updates, locations and tags.

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