Mar 142013


Twitter acquired the music discovery service We Are Hunted last year and is using its technology to build a standalone music app, CNET has learned.

The app, to be called Twitter Music, could be released on iOS by the end of this month, according to a person familiar with the matter. Twitter Music suggests artists and songs to listen to based on a variety of signals, and is personalized based on which accounts a user follows on Twitter. Songs are streamed to the app via SoundCloud.

Twitter Music, which is set to arrive in the wake of key competitor Facebook overhauling the music section of its News Feed, shows Twitter taking new steps into becoming a full-fledged media company. The app acknowledges the key role music has played in drawing new users to the service — particularly younger, mainstream users. Pop stars have some of Twitter’s most popular accounts, with followings in the tens of millions. The TwitterMusic account has 2.3 million followers — not a bad perch from which to launch an eponymous app.

Twitter and We Are Hunted did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

An app built for discovery

Unlike Vine, the video sharing app that Twitter released in January, the music app carries Twitter branding. The app’s icon consists of a silver “play” button with the familiar blue Twitter bird looking down on it from the corner.

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Mar 062013

We asked designers to change the future by designing an app for Windows Phone that would help us create, connect or simply impress our future selves. You answered the call with hundreds of amazing and inspiring submissions from scrapbooks and font managers, trip trackers or convoy road managers, to diaries that don’t broadcast your every thought or will even seal them up for the future. After hours of review and deliberation by our fantastic jurors Chris Caldwell (, Jennifer Bove (Kicker Studio), Corrina Black (Microsoft), Pratik Kothari (Techark Solutions), and Eric Ludlum (Core77), we are proud to announce our 50 finalists and five winners!

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Jan 102013


The Facebook Pages Manager Android app offers a variety of features.

You can post new updates and photos and answer user comments. You can reply to private messages sent to your page. You can also receive notices about new activity on your page and see data revealing how many people are checking out your page. You can even manage multiple pages from the app.

Facebook has long offered a similar app for iOS. So it’s about time Android users had their own version.

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Aug 132012

McAfee Social Protection doesn’t force you to make a blanket restriction the way Facebook’s privacy settings do, so you can block your office manager from seeing those pictures of you dancing drunk at a bar in Cabo, while letting them see all of the nice pictures of your family and pets. If they try to see a picture that’s blocked, all they’ll get is a blurry pixelated version that reveals nothing.

Even if you are one of the chosen few who gets to see a picture, McAfee claims that the app will make it impossible to download, even using print screen or other common workarounds. Still, if you’re really desperate, I guess they can’t stop you from taking a picture of the screen with a camera.

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Oct 042011



You don’t have to worry so much about the QR codes you find in magazines and television commercials; the malevolent codes are located squarely on the Internet. When people are looking for new apps for their phones, they often use their desktop computers to search the Web for what they’re looking for. Rather than forcing users to hen-peck the URL into their smartphone’s browser, many sites now include a QR code linking directly to the app to make things easier all around.

Scammers have begun redirecting QR codes away from the given URL and pointing them towards malware, Kapersky reports.

via Maximum PC | Poisoned QR Codes Spreading Malware To Android Phones.

Oct 042011



Need more motivation for your next run? How about a pack of snarling zombies snapping at your heels?

Zombies, Run!, to be released early next year for iPhone and Android, is an app in the style of Runkeeper, with an exciting undead twist.

You start up the app, plug in your headphones and go for a run. As you begin to sprint, jog or walk to your destination of choice, you’ll hear the narrated story of a zombie-infested, dystopian future. You’re a “runner” in this world, which means that your job is to go out and collect supplies like ammo, medicine and batteries for your ragtag base of human survivors. The more you run, the more stuff you’ll acquire.

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Sep 162011



Bump, the app that makes it simple to exchange information between mobile devices, has surpassed 10 million active users and 50 million downloads.

The company’s technology allows two users to “bump” their phones and exchange contact information. With the iOS and Android apps, users can also friend or follow each other on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. And late last year, the company introduced a way to share music by bumping.

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