Feb 092016

Multi-account switching on the mobile version of Instagram is now possible on the iOS.

Instagram officially announced the update via a blog post on Monday. It might not come as big news to some, but it’s definitely something that frequent users of the photo-sharing app have been waiting for.

The feature isn’t exactly new, though. The beta update version 7.12.0 that brought it to the table rolled out back in November 2015, but it was only available to Android users. This time around, everyone can use it.

“Starting this week, you can quickly and easily switch between multiple accounts on Instagram!” the company says, addressing all users on every mobile platform and noting that the feature is part of version 7.15.

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May 132013


About 67 percent of Interbrands Top 100 Brands use Instagram, according to a recent study by Simply Measured.

Interbrands Top 100 ranks the top global brands each year. Brands in the top 100 include Starbucks, Nike, and MTV. According to Simply Measured, those three brands also have over one million Instagram followers.

The study found that Nike was the most popular brand to use Instagram. Simply Measured found the firm had 1,315,051 followers. Nikes followers reportedly grew over 50 percent on a quarter-by-quarter basis.

MTV was the second most popular brand to use Instagram. The study found that MTV had 1,290,237 followers. The music channels followers reportedly jumped 13 percent quarter-over-quarter.

Starbucks came in third for most popular brand on Instagram. Simply Measured found that the coffee shop had 1,205,752 Instagram followers. On a quarter-over-quarter basis the brands amount of followers grew 12 percent.

Simply Measured reported that Instagrams integration with Facebook has led it to gain ground on competing social networks. According to the study, brands on Instagram have more followers than those on Pinterest.

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Sep 112012

First off, Instagram is obviously a visual medium. Photos should look good, tell a compelling story, or get a laugh whenever possible. Follow the old rule of “know your audience.”

Secondly, brands should use #hashtags, which is how Instagram photos are organized into albums. Brands can leverage popular #hashtags to help users discover their content and create new #hashtags to organize their own content.

Finally, whether your brand is using one of Instagram’s mobile apps or you are building a custom application that uses Instagram’s API, integrate your other social media channels. Share to your other channels, and let your users share to their personal networks. It is worth noting that Instagram is a mobile-only social media platform. But other services, via Instagram’s API, make viewing on the web possible. A favorite of mine is Web.stagram.com.

So what fundamental knowledge do brands need to succeed on Instagram? Consider these simple tips.

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Sep 042012

These new platforms are social at their core. So it’s instantly about more than putting a few images on a page; it’s opening a window into your brand. What companies share must strike a balance between bringing to life a genuine brand story and providing content that inspires and compels action. Furthermore, marketing strategies for how brands engage with consumers should reflect how and why consumers are using those channels.

Following are tips for navigating the waters of these new visual platforms using a combination of direct marketing best practices and our learned understanding of digital and social behavior.

If you’ve ever been a part of a website implementation, you know the biggest sticker shock is always the photography — how much it costs to produce high quality photo inventory. Yet the rise of new visual platforms has made this component more important than ever. Brands must consider the quality of photography and what images should represent their products and services.

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