Mar 052013


Twitter will shut down multiple TweetDeck apps to focus on the product’s web-based version, the microblogging service announced Monday.

In yet another sign of the battle between social media’s two biggest players, Facebook integration will be removed, too.

The announcement was met largely with a chorus of “nooooooooo,” “whyyyyyyy” and “gaaaaaaaah” on social media, reflecting TweetDeck’s widespread popularity with hardcore Twitter users.

TweetDeck AIR, TweetDeck for iPhone and TweetDeck for Android will be removed from their respective app stores in May, and stop working soon after, according to a TweetDeck blog post.

“To continue to offer a great product that addresses your unique needs, we’re going to focus our development efforts on our modern, web-based versions of TweetDeck,” the post says.

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Sep 112012

First off, Instagram is obviously a visual medium. Photos should look good, tell a compelling story, or get a laugh whenever possible. Follow the old rule of “know your audience.”

Secondly, brands should use #hashtags, which is how Instagram photos are organized into albums. Brands can leverage popular #hashtags to help users discover their content and create new #hashtags to organize their own content.

Finally, whether your brand is using one of Instagram’s mobile apps or you are building a custom application that uses Instagram’s API, integrate your other social media channels. Share to your other channels, and let your users share to their personal networks. It is worth noting that Instagram is a mobile-only social media platform. But other services, via Instagram’s API, make viewing on the web possible. A favorite of mine is

So what fundamental knowledge do brands need to succeed on Instagram? Consider these simple tips.

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Jul 112012

Facebook recently added an option for pages to make “unpublished” posts through the Pages API. Unpublished posts do not appear on a page’s Timeline or in fans’ News Feeds, but they can be promoted with ads.

Facebook ad and page management platforms can integrate this feature to help page owners test different creative options. Previously, page owners using the self-serve ad tool or Ads API could not run page-post ads without creating a post that would also show up in fans’ feeds. Now, for instance, a business can target non-fans with an ad that includes an intro video that might not be relevant to users who have already Liked the page.

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Sep 162011



Today Google launched the beginnings of an API for the company’s Google+ social network.

APIs allow outside developers to connect with and build applications on top of web services like Facebook, Twitter and now Google+. In fact much of the success of Twitter and Facebook is a result of both services’ developer APIs. If Google+ is to have any hope of catching its competitors it needs a strong API.

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Aug 222011

Google and Mozilla are developing new processes that will make it easy for developers to enable people to use the functionality of one web app inside another web app. For example, a photo hosting site could make it so that people can use any favourite photo editor within their site. Sites won’t even have to know about each other, and it takes only a few lines of code.

via Google and Mozilla working on interoperable web apps | News | .net magazine.