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This presentation on “6 Social Media Tips for Traditional Media” was presented by Erica Swallow on Friday, June 25, 2010 at Social Media Brasil (, the largest social media conference in Brazil.

The presentation cover six tips that online publishers should consider when implementing a new social media strategy or improving upon an existing strategy.




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Jan 162013


Have you signed up for the new Myspace? If so, we have some useful tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of the revamped social network.

Whether you want to add music to mixes more easily, understand how connections work or change your location in your posts, our easy guide can assist you.

Take a look through our handy hints

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Sep 112012

First off, Instagram is obviously a visual medium. Photos should look good, tell a compelling story, or get a laugh whenever possible. Follow the old rule of “know your audience.”

Secondly, brands should use #hashtags, which is how Instagram photos are organized into albums. Brands can leverage popular #hashtags to help users discover their content and create new #hashtags to organize their own content.

Finally, whether your brand is using one of Instagram’s mobile apps or you are building a custom application that uses Instagram’s API, integrate your other social media channels. Share to your other channels, and let your users share to their personal networks. It is worth noting that Instagram is a mobile-only social media platform. But other services, via Instagram’s API, make viewing on the web possible. A favorite of mine is

So what fundamental knowledge do brands need to succeed on Instagram? Consider these simple tips.

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