Oct 042011



The Function Of Textures

We love texture on the Web for a multitude of reasons. Design decisions shouldn’t be made simply on the basis of, “Oh, well. It looks good.” Design should serve a purpose, and each decision about texture should be made by weighing the pros and cons. Let’s start by going over some of the key benefits.

via The Whys And The Hows Of Textures In Web Design – Smashing Magazine.

Sep 282011



Craft cutter Beth Ann Magnuson creates patterns on eggs that are reminiscent of Victorian lace. You can view the artist working on an eggshell at YouTube.

via Hand Carved Victorian Goose Eggs – Illusion – The Most Amazing Creations in Art, Photography, Design, Technology and Video..

Sep 282011



Technologist Benjamin Bojko and art director Dan Mall, on behalf of digital agency Big Spaceship, give us an exclusive look behind the creation of Activatedrinks.com and explain how they pulled off the loading process and added depth and fluid parallax motion to the particles effect on the site

ACTIVATE engaged Big Spaceship as digital agency of record to oversee digital strategy and production, including the brand’s social and mobile marketing. The redesign of Activatedrinks.com and establishing their Facebook presence emerged as the primary initiatives in re-setting their online presence for this growing brand. When the Big Spaceship team began brainstorms towards these goals we didn’t have a lot of time to pull this off.

via Building an immersive environment with CSS and JavaScript | Tutorial | .net magazine.

Sep 132011



Hopefully one month has been enough time for our stencil-inclined readership to have pieced their minds back together, because we’ve just come across yet another stencil artist who might just detonate it yet again.

via More Mind-Blowing Stencils: Dave Soukup Is In the Moment – Core77.

Aug 242011



Art is about freedom of expression, and it sometimes results in controversial pieces that challenge the social norms or intentionally push the boundaries of decency for one reason or another. But does there ever come a point when artwork crosses the line? A 1TB external hard drive sitting on a white pedestal at the Art 404 gallery begs that very question, the one you have to ask when someone crams $5 million worth of illegally downloaded software into a storage device and calls it art.

via Maximum PC | Dude Downloads $5 Million of Stolen Software to 1TB Hard Drive for Art Exhibit.