Oct 022012

Aimed at medium to large businesses, the ThinkCentre M78 comes packing AMD A-Series Accelerated Processing Units APUs rather than Intel Ivy Bridge chips. The decision to build around AMDs APU platform should save businesses a bit money in upfront costs, though Lenovo touts other reasons.

“Professionals in medium to large businesses need dependable, productive and secure desktops to meet the day-to-day rigors of workplace demands,” said Su Lijun, executive director, global desktop marketing, Lenovo. “We built the ThinkCentre M78 to last, equipping it with great performance, security and energy-saving features in one device.”

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Sep 262012

No one ever said being an entrepreneur is easy. Creating your own business and career path is tough — and succeeding in this lifestyle seems to require an elusive mix of traits.

After all, most of the entrepreneurs I know are intelligent. They are hardworking and usually at the top of their given field. However, all too often I’ve watched these smart people go from thriving in the workplace to struggling as a business owner.

There are numerous reasons why some entrepreneurs make it big, while others flounder. Here are seven key reasons why some entrepreneurs fail to live up to their potential.

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Aug 152012

It’s not just customers who are drifting away from their laptops and desktops to do everything on mobile devices. More and more, entrepreneurs are cutting the bulky power cord and conducting business on the go. Thanks to tablets and the ever-growing selection of mobile apps that’s easy to do.

We asked 10 successful entrepreneurs to share the apps that boost their business productivity. Here are their top picks.

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Jul 232012

It’s a big internet. There’s always something new going on, and there’s always something new you need to understand. So what is the essential reading list for people who want to make sense of the digital world? That’s what you’re going to find in this article. And while you might already be familiar with some of these blogs, there are almost certainly others that you haven’t come across before.

Of course, this list isn’t comprehensive. In fact, it’s a starting point. That’s where you come in, dear reader. I know you have a few of your own blogs that are go-to sources for information. All I ask is that you be so kind as to share your essential reading list with the rest of the community in the comments section.

Tech and business
I’m sure you know the usual suspects in this category, such as The WSJ’s All Things Digital blog, TechCrunch, The NY Times Bits Blog, and PaidContent. But the truth is that good tech news and business analysis doesn’t have to come from a major media company. In fact, some of the best information comes directly from the trenches.e best information comes directly from the trenches.

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Apr 052012

Most Web browser reviews focus on one thing: speed. Speed is all well and good, but browser benchmark scores fail to answer a fundamental question: which browser is best for business?

In an enterprise environment, speed is simply one concern among many. There are bigger questions: How secure are these browsers, and how well do they keep users from getting viruses or visiting fraudulent websites? How often are they updated, and how easy is it to apply these updates to multiple managed systems? How important do the companies behind these browsers think that the enterprise is? We set out to compare Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera to answer these questions and more.

For our purposes, we’ll assume that all else is equal in your environment—that your shop doesn’t live and die by a particular Firefox add-on or an Intranet site that won’t render in anything that’s not Internet Explorer 6. If you’ve got extenuating circumstances that dictate which browser you use, as many businesses do, consider these facts if you’re trying to decide on a secondary or alternate browser for your systems.


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