Apr 052012

Most Web browser reviews focus on one thing: speed. Speed is all well and good, but browser benchmark scores fail to answer a fundamental question: which browser is best for business?

In an enterprise environment, speed is simply one concern among many. There are bigger questions: How secure are these browsers, and how well do they keep users from getting viruses or visiting fraudulent websites? How often are they updated, and how easy is it to apply these updates to multiple managed systems? How important do the companies behind these browsers think that the enterprise is? We set out to compare Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera to answer these questions and more.

For our purposes, we’ll assume that all else is equal in your environment—that your shop doesn’t live and die by a particular Firefox add-on or an Intranet site that won’t render in anything that’s not Internet Explorer 6. If you’ve got extenuating circumstances that dictate which browser you use, as many businesses do, consider these facts if you’re trying to decide on a secondary or alternate browser for your systems.


via Ars browser shootout: which Web browser is best for business?.


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