Sep 272012

Tweeting is a science; however, a few basic tips will help ensure your Twitter page increases in follower quality. (Did you catch that? Quality, not quantity! More on that later.)

When it comes to Twitter, followers want to read engaging, interesting tweets. If you think of Twitter in terms of a book, readers do not keep reading the same boring books (or tweets) by the same boring authors (or tweeters). For followers, Twitter is just that: reading. For brands, Twitter is a social platform for which interacting with customers is essential, NOT marketing. Twitter is not an advertisement; it’s a conversation.

So, let’s start increasing your Twitter followers.

1) Use Twitter as a Social Outlet, Not a Marketing Tool

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Aug 272012

Of course, you don’t want to avoid social, but you should try to pull those customers ready for a deeper relationship into your email campaigns. Tactically, this is simple. You can post a message leading to your newsletter, or host a form field right there in the social platform.

But you’ll need a good reason for an engaged social follower to become an email subscriber. You need to show not just the value of your emails, but appeal to the unique social character of that follower. And guess what — not all followers are the same.

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Jul 172012

What makes for a great post in social media? It’s the question that haunts community managers and marketing directors. First, the bad news. You know it. I know it. But I have to point it out: The most effective posts and updates are going to depend on your community. If you have good analytics reporting and pay attention to your fans, you’ll figure it out eventually. (More good info on this here.)

Now, for the good news: There are, in fact, a few magic bullets for Facebook and Twitter. The following discussion covers only Twitter and Facebook. The best research is available for these two platforms more than any others. So let’s take a look at some of the available data to find the buzzwords that ignite your social media followers.

The buzzwords: “Please” and “thank you”

Why they’re powerful

Didn’t your mother teach you anything? Sheesh. The exact same behavior that keeps everyone in the real word from thinking that you’re an asshole applies to the social media world too. Every time you post content for your fans, you are implicitly asking, “Take time from your day and look at this thing that I just posted.” You’re asking them to do something for you, so say “please.” And if they engage, say “thank you.”

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May 142012

Anything that can boast a 112% higher engagement is worth a second look. That is just one of the figures that Simply Measured (the social media analytics firm) released yesterday. Since February, two more brands from the Interbrand Top 100 list (Xerox and Nike) have activated pages, bringing the total to 64 of those 100. (The top 10 for Google+ engagement include Nike, Coke, Starbucks, Adidas and Ferrari, among others.) Also since February, average weekly circler engagement is up 112%, and content engagement is up 65%. Finally, 22% of the brands now have circler counts over 100,000, up from 13% including Nike, and after just two months. So it appears brands are prioritizing Google+ and trying to capitalize on participation.

But, as Josh Sternberg of Digiday describes, smart brands actively strategize on Google+, rather than treat it as yet another presence they need to fill. ESPN for example has 1.2 million Google+ followers. Sports fans like rich media, and ESPN knows that, so relies on high-quality images and videos of all-things sport, and interactions with fans.

The news media seems not to know what to make of it, and the highly-circulated Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today have piddling followings on Google+ compared to their other social platforms.

SOURCE: Dismiss Google+ At Your Own Risk – MarketingVOX.


Apr 062012

These brands on Twitter had to do something right because they have gained the most followers in the past month!



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If you are owner of one of these branded pages or if they fall in the area of your industry benchmark, take a look at this interesting distinction, which in easy numbers outlays the difference between these two social influencers.

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