Sep 262012

Why should you have Facebook House Rules? Because:

Imagine that Facebook is like a playground, where your brand can regularly connect with people and build strong relationships. As you know not everyone plays fair, and each Fan Page has its bullies posting negative or abusive comments; that’s why it’s crucial to publish ‘House Rules’ that will clearly state the purpose of your Facebook Page and identify inappropriate content that can (and probably should) be removed.

Deleting posts is definitely not an advised social network practice, but there are exceptions as to when it’s acceptable.

When fans post discriminatory comments or posts, Facebook’s of­ficial terms of use will always have the last word. As an Admin, you can encourage a healthier community with your own guidelines. Not only is it good to have these guidelines, it’s becoming necessary with all the irrelevant conversations taking over the social network, so you need to provide your fans with a space for constructive dialogue that will engage them with your brand.

House Rules are usually included in the ‘About’ section, on the company’s website, or they also often appear in the page’s tabs or notes, but before you present your audience with a bunch of restrictions, check out the following basic tips:

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Sep 062012

Every startup dreams of building a thriving Facebook page, with millions of loyal, engaged fans who actively take part in contests, post comments, and share regularly — creating a viral buzz. But if you’ve managed a Facebook page, you know it’s not that easy and at times can be extremely challenging.

Here are five techniques that I’ve used to turbo-charge our Facebook strategy; we’ve grown to 14,000 fans with very little advertising, almost doubled our weekly total reach over the last 10 days (up 98 percent), and recently doubled our “people talking about this” measurement, increasing it by 113 percent.

Create a leader board and recognize your top fans

In addition to your ordinary posts and photos, it’s key to enable your fans to create a community. Give them a reason to interact with your page. We implemented an app powered by Booshaka called “Top Fans Pro.”

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Oct 272011



If you post often, you will see an immediate spike in News Feed impressions, but it’s generally not worth the cost in lost fans. When your fans see two status updates from you in their News Feeds, they’ll likely get annoyed, and will consequently unsubscribe or un-fan. There are few exceptions to this rule.

If you post too infrequently, you’re missing out on opportunities to reach your fans. Over the course of a year, a page with 10,000 fans that posts only half as often as they could misses more than 1 million chances to get their content in front of a hyper-targeted Facebook audience. The larger your fan page, the more often you should be posting — without annoying your fans.

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If you are owner of one of these branded pages or if they fall in the area of your industry benchmark, take a look at this interesting distinction, which in easy numbers outlays the difference between these two social influencers.

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As the last year has been one of the most dynamic years of fans increase for many pages, Socialbakers looked at those with the most substantial growth rate. Some of the pages were launched recently, which speaks for their almost immediate jump. In order to give complete picture, we analyzed the pages based on their countries of origin.

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