Sep 282012

Get the best out of your Drupal site with these speed tips

Drupal is not known as the most performant application, neither is the PHP language it is written on, but there are lots of things you can do to increase the performance of your Drupal site. This article will touch on many of those methods covering key modules, configuring these modules and setting up other applications to aid your Drupal site.

MORETop 15 Drupal performance tips | Feature | .net magazine.


Sep 062011



PHP has the reputation of being the poor cousin of scripting languages, due to outdated language features and plenty of poor quality code written using it. I use PHP as my main programming language and it’s seen waves of change over the last five years; it’s so much more than a language for script kiddies and hobbyist hackers. There are some ‘truths’ about the language that aren’t true these days, so I’d like to bring you a little update.

via Debunking PHP’s bad reputation | Opinion | .net magazine.