May 202013

Having to manually apply the same features to near-identical elements can get tiresome. Fortunately, Dmitry Tsozik has a great trick for generating variants of an object or icon

This article first appeared in issue 234 of .net magazine – the world’s best-selling magazine for web designers and developers.

Have you ever thought how awesome it would be to remove all repetitive routines from your daily design work? Or how to get build some kind of graphic assets library in Photoshop – similar to Flash, Illustrator, After Effects and other Adobe apps? And wouldn’t it be great to have a couple more hours a day to add final touches to your designs?

In this tutorial, we’ll attempt to address all three questions, exploring a cool trick that enables you to work on any number of variations of an image at once. This workflow is extremely useful for games assets, and for GUI designers creating icons. It enables you to work on one object, save it, and let Photoshop distribute all the changes you’ve made to any number of variant copies.

If you’re familiar with Smart Objects, you already know that you can have multiple instances of one element. This tutorial will show you how to use Smart Objects in an even smarter way. I developed the technique trying to mimic an awesome workflow in After Effects, and it turns out that it works pretty well in Photoshop, too.

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Oct 192011

Vintage fonts and retro designs are all the rage on the web. Illustrator and designer Naomi Atkinson reveals some quirky Photoshop and CSS tricks to give your designs a retrotastic feel



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Oct 122011


You know that scene in CSI and its ilk where the detective says, “Can you enhance the image?” and some faceless tech hits a few keys and suddenly the license plate is clear and readable? Nerds have been mocking those scenes for decades, but it might be time to stop.

Last week at its Max Conference Adobe showed off a new Photoshop tool the company calls unblur. Unblur does exactly what the cliche detective is asking for — it makes blurry photos sharp.

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