Oct 242011

Laurence McCahill, co-founder of Spook Studio, explains how his team has simplified the process of creating a website into three key stages. In the last part of this series he provides 10 top tips on promoting your finished site

So now that you’ve got a kick-ass website you’re all set, right? Wrong. It doesn’t matter how good your site is – if nobody even knows it exists, then you can’t exactly consider it a success. You need to get out there and promote it. Whether this is via search, social media, word of mouth or telepathy, you’ll need a plan in order to focus your efforts and start getting some serious traffic.

via The insider’s guide to a successful website: promote (part 3) | Feature | .net magazine.

Sep 152011

A brand that embraces feedback — both positive and negative will be seen as open and receptive to its customer base. By acknowledging your imperfections in a transparent and authentic manner, you will find that you have an opportunity to convert some of your most negative critics into your strongest brand advocates.

Look at these examples of how to turn negative feedback into positive spin:

via How to use negative feedback to benefit your brand – iMediaConnection.com.