Jul 092012

To be successful in social media and community management you need to keep track of the constant changes to that ecosystem. That’s because everything you know about Facebook, Twitter, and other social spaces today will somehow be different in six months. Layouts will be altered, features will be added or removed, and new social networks may pop up.

So how should you keep track of all these moving parts? Here are six tips for staying on top of social media.

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Apr 182012

On average, it will cost $55,600 to attend Princeton, Penn, Michigan or Stanford next year. But now you can enroll in online courses at all four universities online for free.

The universities won’t just be posting lectures online like MIT’s OpenCourseWare project, Yale’s Open Yale Courses and the University of California at Berkeley’s Webcast. Rather, courses will require deadlines, evaluations, discussions and, in some cases, a statement of achievement.

“The technology as well as the sociology have finally matured to the point where we are ready for this,” says Daphne Koller, a co-founder of Coursera, the for-profit platform classes will run on.

“This is a group that didn’t grow up at a time when there weren’t browsers,” Koller adds. “They have the mental state that allows them to say, ‘I’m willing to get a good portion of my education online.’”

Coursera grew out of an experiment in Stanford’s computer science department that opened up a handful of classes to non-Stanford students via the Internet. The online students received a signed letter from the instructor (but no credit) upon completion.

SOURCE: Top Schools from Berkeley to Yale Now Offer Free Online Courses.


Apr 052012

Aside from plug-ins there are a number of additions you can make to your .htaccess file which in conjunction with plug-ins and regular updates will tighten up your site’s security and give you that extra level of protection.Im going to cover a few of these that I feel protect some of the essentials in your WordPress install and show you how and where to add the code snippets; you dont have to use every single one, just whatever you feel would help you secure your site.


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Oct 102011



Google debuted an “early preview” version of a programming language called Dart today for building Web applications in the way JavaScript is used right now.

Programmer Lars Bak detailed the project in a talk today at the Goto conference conference today in Denmark and in a blog post. In it, he said Dart is geared for everything from small, unstructured projects to large, complicated efforts.

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Oct 102011



Search engine optimization isn’t exactly something you can major in — at least, not yet. In fact, many professional search engine optimizers are self-taught. They’ve supplemented backgrounds in marketing, computer science and the like with self-education via online courses, videos and blog posts.

Whether you’re looking to build your knowledge of the basics, master more intermediate material or get to the head of the advanced class, a wealth of online resources can help you graduate your SEO skills to the next level.

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Sep 232011



All your e-books are belong to us. That sums up Amazon’s Library Lending service pretty well. Get ready to borrow all the free e-books your Kindle (or Kindle app) can handle, because the service is live, as of today.

Going to the library is something of a trip, or adventure, depending on how you look at it. Our generation doesn’t go to library because we have the Internet and we read most of our books on e-readers or through e-book apps on tablets, smartphones and laptops.

Back in April, Amazon unveiled its plan to allow Kindle and Kindle apps to borrow books from libraries. The only downside was having to actually go to a physical library.

That’s no more. Borrowing an e-book from a local library requires only a visit to its website and a working library card.

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Sep 202011



Prototyping tools can be restrictive and it’s becoming more important that designers know how to code up their concepts, so Leisa Reichelt organised a workshop teaching how to build prototypes in HTML and CSS. Here Anna Debenham summarises what she taught on the Code Fitness day

If you already know how to build a basic web page, you probably won’t learn anything here. But if you don’t, or your knowledge is from back in the days of table-based layouts, this will give you a good grounding in building prototypes in HTML and CSS.

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Sep 192011



With subscription services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, downloadable content from iTunes and Amazon, and freebies from Crackle or YouTube It’s getting harder to justify paying for cable. For those of us who prefer our time in front of the tube stimulate, rather than rot our brains, DocumentaryHeaven may be the final push we need to usher our cable TV and satellite subscriptions out the door.

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Sep 192011

Divya Manian, web opener for Opera Software, provides an exclusive look behind the CSS Working Group and the lowdown on 13 exciting CSS3 specs being discussed right now. If you want to know the future of CSS, read on!

Most of the fancy CSS features that you use in your style sheets are defined by a group of people who form the part of the CSS Working Group. Typically this occurs when members of the group/web developers bring a proposal for a feature in a CSS specifications — on the www-style mailing list typically — or a change in the definition, it gets discussed and then a few implementors (typically browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Safari or Firefox) implement it (or implementations are brought to discussions to become part of a specification), more discussions ensue and so on.

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Sep 132011



As your Facebook Page grows in size and stature and begins to attract a healthy number of fans, so too will the level at which those same fans interact with your Page. Highly engaging Pages can quickly blossom into a valuable community, but the messages posted to your Wall by fans will not always be positive.

Here we’ll provide walk-throughs of Facebook’s native Page moderation tools, and explain how to execute a moderation strategy that protects your brand but doesn’t silence discussion.

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