Aug 212012

Facebook’s Open Graph is a powerful tool — when used correctly. Here are the most common mistakes companies are making.

Despite recent struggles, Facebook continues to dominate the social environment. And the platform’s Open Graph environment is a powerful tool that allows companies to “frictionlessly” and continuously share users’ actions, after the users have given permission.

But many companies are misusing the tool, alienating users, and losing fans instead of locking in important interactive relationships. We spoke with Roland Smart, VP of marketing at Involver, about critical do’s and don’ts.

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Sep 132011



As your Facebook Page grows in size and stature and begins to attract a healthy number of fans, so too will the level at which those same fans interact with your Page. Highly engaging Pages can quickly blossom into a valuable community, but the messages posted to your Wall by fans will not always be positive.

Here we’ll provide walk-throughs of Facebook’s native Page moderation tools, and explain how to execute a moderation strategy that protects your brand but doesn’t silence discussion.

via How to Use Facebook’s Hidden Wall and Other Page Moderation Tools to Protect Brand Reputation.