Aug 312011



Every website needs a favicon, if for no other reason than to avoid littering your server logs with 404 errors. If you still haven’t got a favicon on your site, check out Faviconist, a new favicon generator from developer Michael Mahemoff.

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Aug 302011



As more and more graphic designers and illustrators gain web design skills, illustrations can increasingly be found on the web. UK designer Mike Kus showcases his 10 favourite examples of websites using illustration to enhance the user experience.

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Aug 302011



Responsive design is no longer just something you’ll find on the portfolio websites of the designers and developers who pioneered the idea. These days using media queries to adapt to varying screen sizes is well on its way to being a mainstream design goal.

Head over to a responsive design showcase like Media Queries and you’ll find plenty of “real world” websites — like Opera or Arizona State University — using media queries to build responsive websites.

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Aug 232011

As introduced/coined by Ethan Marcotte in both his article “Responsive Web Design” as well as his recently released book, one needs three elements to make a site responsive:

A flexible/fluid grid

Responsive images

Media queries

There are plenty of other great articles that cover motives, concepts, and techniques regarding responsive web design, so we’ll keep the focus of this article on some top tools that will help you become responsibly responsive.

via 21 top tools for responsive web design | Feature | .net magazine.