Sep 052012

Millions of viewers caught Telemundo’s first ever Premios Tu Mundo (Your World Awards), which aired live Aug. 30. To be exact, 1.6 million people tuned in to the awards show. Telenovela stars Rafael Amaya and Gaby Espino hosted the show, the latter of whom took home the prize for #Most Social.

The Republican National Convention also edged onto the charts, no doubt due in large part to actor Clint Eastwood’s invisible Obama speech, which subsequently inspired many a meme and parody. We’ll see what this week’s Democratic National Convention has in store for social TV.

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Aug 202012

Social media, although still quite a hot topic, is only one piece of the brand building and customer acquisition puzzle. An effective marketing strategy is inclusive of various mediums; each communicating the same message in their own unique way. Social media definitely has its place within a marketing strategy, but just like faxing, rarely is it the sole medium.

The reality is this isn’t a warning just for social media agencies; it’s a warning for any agency that tries to encapsulate their diverse marketing services within a single industry buzzword.

In a recent Adweek article about social media agencies becoming less social, Jim Tobin, president of Ignite Social Media, stated the following: “Social is a totally different discipline, it’s part SEO, it’s part [audience] development, it’s part advertising, and it is part PR. There’s a lot of interest in specialists out there.”

His view of social media is quite holistic, almost to the point where you could call these specialists “online marketing specialists.”

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Oct 132011

A nice chart on some social statistics.



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Aug 312011



Naturally, there are a lot of restaurants on the world’s largest social network, though there could be a lot more, and many of the ones that do have Facebook Pages could be better. To that end, Mashable spoke with social media stars from the hospitality industry about some best practices when it comes to Facebooking food.

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Aug 262011



Social media is not ubiquitous. In fact, says a Pew Internet survey released on Friday, just half of U.S. adults are logged on to sites like MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn.In Pew’s phone survey of 2,277 adults, 65% of Internet users said they use social media. For the first time, 50% of respondents — regardless of whether they use the Internet — said that they did the same.

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