Mar 112013


We were confident Maxis was the studio to deliver a proper sequel, but the studio’s choice of an always online DRM solution has proven to be a complete disaster. Maximum PC online managing editor Jimmy Thang has criticized EA’s handling of the situation, and the company’s PR department has been pulling overtime trying to repair the games reputation.

Firstly EA has clarified that it is not banning customers for requesting a refund, but you probably won’t get one either. The company points disgruntled customers to its return policy, which states in no uncertain terms that digital customers are out of luck. Disputing the charges with your bank weren’t specifically mentioned, but we would guess this would be handled more severely.

Secondly EA is hoping to mend a few bridges by offering up a free game.

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Aug 312011

Imagine you found a great deal on a flux capacitor. Not only does it make time travel possible, but the new version is able to freeze time and only requires half a gigawatt to operate. Plus, it’s 33 percent cheaper than the one Doc Brown built into the DeLorean. Sounds like a no brainer, until you read a couple online reviews claiming it set their cars on fire. And so you remove it from your shopping cart. This isn’t unusual, and according to a new study, it happens far more often than not.

via Maximum PC | Study: Negative Online Reviews Influence 80 Percent of Shoppers.

Aug 312011



Naturally, there are a lot of restaurants on the world’s largest social network, though there could be a lot more, and many of the ones that do have Facebook Pages could be better. To that end, Mashable spoke with social media stars from the hospitality industry about some best practices when it comes to Facebooking food.

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