Aug 302012

Facebook page owners with more than 5,000 fans will soon have access to advanced post targeting options including age, gender, relationship status and education.Facebook began testing this last month, but only a small percentage of pages had access to the additional targeting parameters. Today some marketers received an update from Facebook saying that all pages over 5,000 Likes will get the option this week. Our own page showed the following prompt this afternooon:

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Aug 232012

In the upper part of your page, there is an Admin panel, which we will overlook for now, but later on, it will be a very important tool to track a progress of your Fan page. Under the Admin panel there is a place to set up and edit your Facebook page. You can add/change profile picture of your Facebook page, you can add/change cover photo, you can add/ change the ‘About’ information and lastly, you can write a status, add a photo or a video, or create an event, add a milestone, or ask a question.

Profile Picture

Facebook Profile Picture is a very important part of your Facebook page. When people are searching for Pages, the Profile Picture is one of the first things they will see. So bear that in mind, when you will create your stunning Profile Picture. The Facebook Profile Picture is displayed in 120×120 pixels resolution and Facebook will automatically create a 50×50 pixel miniature that will be displayed along with your Page’s updates and is also displayed in the Facebook search results.

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Apr 252012

To engage your fans, you need to post enough content but not too much at the same time. Is there a magical number for the ideal number of posts on Facebook?

No, there is no magical number. The average number of posts tends to range between 2 – 3 posts a day but there are just too many factors that affect the engagement of a post to say that it works for each brand. So what is the right frequency?

Below are the average numbers of posts per day by the top 10 Brands and Media on Facebook. We have gathered data from last month, from March 25th to April 24th 2012.

SOURCE: How Often Should You Post On Your Wall To Engage Fans? – Socialbakers.