Apr 112012

Google announced today a major redesign and a set of new features for users of its Google+ service. Navigation and several user interface features on Google+ pages have gotten a design makeover, and several new features aim to attract more users to share photos and promote more interactions with each other.

Google has overhauled navigation by making things simpler than its previous design. Pages now feature a cleaner, more minimalist look to match some of Googles more recent updates to other applications like Gmail. A new “ribbon” of icons for home, profile, pages, and photos simplifies access to some of its major features. These icons can now be customized to users individual preferences. The end result is that now pages have a very clean, streamlined look made up of app-like icons.

Google+s new look and features also emphasize photos now more than ever before. Photos are now displayed prominently, using more space on the browsers screen. The new layouts are larger and more elegant, and they resemble the photo displays on sites like Tumblr or Flickr.


via Google+ updates its user interface, refines navigation and photos.