Apr 122012

You could argue that your clever Facebook status updates and Frank Bruni-esque Yelp reviews are priceless, but the user data you generate can be converted into actual dollars and cents, thanks to the folks over at Backupify. But before anyone goes out looking to cash in on their status updates, it should be noted that the study points only to theoretical values.

As it turns out, Yelp reviews are valued at $9.13, while individual tweets translate to a paltry $0.001. A Foursquare check-in? $0.40. Updates on Path came in slightly higher at $0.50 each.

As for why there are such vast discrepancies, Rob May of Backupify explained to Business Week that, “The reason that Yelp reviews are valued so highly is that every review creates lot of value for other users,” he said. “You can’t create a lot of value for a lot of Path users because by its nature, it’s limited.”


via Monetary Value Of Yelp Reviews, Tweets And Status Updates Examined In New Study INFOGRAPHIC.