Jan 242013


As a favorite hangout for the Millennial generation, Tumblr is already helping some brands reach this prized audience. (Check out some of the brands already on Tumblr here.) Every industry — from fashion to finance — is represented, and these companies are finding new and creative ways to connect to their customers using this platform.

Let’s take a look at a few of the opportunities your brand might be missing on Tumblr, as well as the brands that are getting it right.

Go native

Tumblr isn’t like any other social network, so a content strategy applied to Facebook, Twitter, or a blog won’t yield the same results on Tumblr. The most popular form of expression on the platform is visual — photos and GIFs (animated images).

To be successful on Tumblr, you first need to find a way to express the visual elements of your brand or message. This approach can showcase a different side of your brand, allowing you to communicate your brand’s personality in a new way. Striking images garner a great deal of attention on Tumblr.

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Jan 092013


It seems that for teens it is Tumblr that is de rigueur for the latest information about their innermost feelings. In this survey, more teens dedicated themselves (and their selves) to Tumblr than to Facebook, even though Tumblr is fairly tiny in comparison.

There are other deep teenage loves that emerge from this data.

Teens are very partial to Instagram. They outnumber adults there almost two to one. Naturally, Snapchat has also captured their imagination like, like, you know, like, sort of, it’s so cool.

These results concur neatly with an interview performed by Branch co-founder Josh Miller on his 15-year-old sister.

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