Mar 282012

Considering how strong a leader Google is, when it comes to cloud-based productivity solutions Google Apps, its a little surprising that the company hasnt introduced a bona fide cloud storage service yet.

Google is expected to officially announce and launch an online storage service dubbed Google Drive, or GDrive, as soon as the first week of April, according to GigaOm and its sources.Credit: Google

Coincidentally, registration for Google I/O, Googles annual conference for developers in San Francisco, kicked off this morning. It would make sense, if Google waited until June to officially introduce Google Drive for added publicity and details, if it is going to be as big a venture as we might expect.

If the reports are true, Google is expected to kick off GDrive by offering 1GB of storage space for free, with fees for extra storage space thereafter.


via Google Drive due as soon as April | Digital Media – CNET News.