Mar 292012

The Raspberry Pi foundation issued a statement today with a status update on their much-anticipated $35 Linux computer. The first 2,000 completed units have arrived in the UK, but the devices aren’t ready to be shipped out yet because the foundation’s retail partners won’t distribute them to purchasers until they have been stamped with the CE marking.

The CE marking, which you can find on many consumer electronics products, certifies that a product conforms with the regulatory standards of the European Economic Area. In order to apply the CE marking to a product, it has to undergo a conformity assessment and the manufacturer has to produce certain documents.

The Raspberry Pi foundation wasn’t previously aware that it needed the CE marking in order to distribute its computer. Because the Raspberry Pi computer is a bare board and not a finished end product, the foundation assumed that it was exempt from the requirements. Similar products, such as the BeagleBoard, are legally distributed without the marking. Although the foundation still believes that the CE mark isn’t strictly necessary, they are pursuing the necessary compliance assessment in order to address the concerns of their retail partners.


via First batch of $35 Linux computers arrives in UK, awaiting CE compliance testing.