Apr 252012

Within hours of Google launching its new online storage service, the terms and service have come under heavy fire by the wider community for being able to potentially stifle innovation and harm the users Google seeks to serve.

After Dropbox and Microsofts SkyDrive — the two largest online storage services on the Web — Google was late to the party by a number of years. While Google needed no advertising to drum up support, what may hold back uptake is that as per the terms and conditions of using the product, the files you upload to the Google Drive product undergoes a rights transition.

A quick analysis of Googles terms of service shows how the search company owns the files you upload the minute they are submitted, and can in effect do anything it wants to your files — and thats final. But there is a small catch.Heres what the terms say:

SOURCE: Who owns your files on Google Drive? | Internet & Media – CNET News.


Apr 202012

Tuesday we heard rumors that Google will soon be launching Google Drive — its own cloud service — and now we have an exclusive screen shot of the Google Drive interface that seems to confirm that rumor.

A Google employee giving a presentation at a university in Brazil Tuesday appears to have accessed that presentation via Google Drive. Pedro Henrique Moschetta was at the keynote, and sent Mashable a shot of what may be Google’s cloud service in action.

“Some friends and I were watching a seminar with a Google employee called João Itaqui Google Enterprise director in Brazil here at Universidade Feevale Feevale University in Novo Hamburgo, RS — Brazil when we noticed he had an option called “Drive” in his Google toolbar.” says Moschetta. “I think he, as a senior employee, has early access to Google Drive before public announcement or release.”

SOURCE:  Google Drive Interface Leaked in Employee Presentation [EXCLUSIVE].

Apr 182012

Google‘s foray into personal cloud storage, Google Drive, is about to launch next week, according to a report from The Next Web.

Citing a draft release from one of Google’s launch partners for the service, TNW claims the service will initially be free, giving out 5 GB of storage to every user.

The details on how, exactly, Google Drive will integrate with your PC are scarce; “desktop folder” integration on Mac and Windows machines is mentioned, but not explained.

The launch date could very well be real. In February 2012, a report (with screenshots) said the service is already live for some users, which usually means the official launch is coming soon.

SOURCE: Google Drive to Launch Next Week With 5 GB of Free Storage [REPORT].


Mar 282012

Considering how strong a leader Google is, when it comes to cloud-based productivity solutions Google Apps, its a little surprising that the company hasnt introduced a bona fide cloud storage service yet.

Google is expected to officially announce and launch an online storage service dubbed Google Drive, or GDrive, as soon as the first week of April, according to GigaOm and its sources.Credit: Google

Coincidentally, registration for Google I/O, Googles annual conference for developers in San Francisco, kicked off this morning. It would make sense, if Google waited until June to officially introduce Google Drive for added publicity and details, if it is going to be as big a venture as we might expect.

If the reports are true, Google is expected to kick off GDrive by offering 1GB of storage space for free, with fees for extra storage space thereafter.


via Google Drive due as soon as April | Digital Media – CNET News.