May 142012

These days, more Kickstarter campaigns are achieving success than we can keep track of. The iPhone-friendly Pebble watch earned $7.6 million more than its $100,000 goal. And the Galileo iPhone platform closed its Kickstarter campaign at $702,000, far surpassing its $100,000 goal.

Not to mention, Kickstarter recently reported it has raised $200 million from over 2 million backers.

How does one cash in literally on the Kickstarter craze? For starters, it helps to have a unique concept, wicked ambition and one unforgettable pitch. The great news is that Kickstarter provides great tools to showcase all of the above.

We’ve read all of Kickstarter’s guidelines, FAQs and tips, and have researched testimonials from successful campaign alums to compile a set of tips that will help launch you into the Kickstarter hall of fame.

SOURCE:  9 Essential Steps for a Killer Kickstarter Campaign.


Aug 312011



Over the last twelve months, its BandPage application has grown from around 3 million monthly active users and 150,000 daily active users to 32.4 million MAU and 1.56 million DAU, according to our AppData tracking service. On Facebook, it is by far the largest Page app for musicians, and the seventh-largest app overall. By some measures, it is now bigger than long-time leading music fan site MySpace.

via RootMusic Raises $16 Million Second Round, Following Hit BandPage Facebook App for Musicians.

Aug 262011

Voluntary payments are picking up pace on the web. Linus Olsson, the co-founder of social micropayments system Flattr, draws on the lessons the team has learned from their users and explains how you can be funded by your fans, too

via Crowdfunding: get paid for free stuff | Feature | .net magazine.