Apr 202012

To its credit, Philips managed to make most of these things happen. Its new L Prize Pro bulb puts out 93 lumens per watt while using only 9.7 watts, it should last 30,000 hours (20 years of four hours per day of use), and the light is natural and warm. The one thing that Philips didn’t quite get right is the price, which currently stands at a rather ambitious $60 per bulb.

It’s certainly true that on average, a bulb like this will save you about $8 worth of electricity per year over an incandescent, meaning that the bulb will pay for itself in savings in just eight short years and the rest of its lifespan is gravy. We’re not really wired to think about things in the long term, though, and most people are probably going to find the $60 entry price hard to justify.

Philips says that its plan all along has been to have utility companies subsidize the up-front cost of the bulbs by $20 or $30, and Philips itself has decided to knock $10 off the price right away for consumers.

SOURCE: Energy-saving L Prize bulb goes on sale Earth Day | DVICE.