Mar 142013


Google Reader, one of the world’s most popular RSS readers, is shutting down on July 1, 2013, Google announced Wednesday.

The search giant is pulling the plug on the 7-year old project citing “declining usage.” Google says it is shuttering Reader and deprecating or shutting down a number of other services as part of the company’s “spring cleaning” initiative — one that seeks to help the company focus on the features that need the most use.

In addition to Google Reader, the company is also ceasing sales and updates for the Snapseed Desktop apps for Mac and Windows, shutting down its CalDAV API, as well as ending support for Google Voice for BlackBerry.

Still, the biggest and most forcible change is the death of Google Reader. Google will allow users to export their data — including subscriptions — using Google’s Takeout service, as well as the OPML export within Google Reader itself.

A Blow to News Junkies

Use of traditional RSS readers have slowed in recent years, thanks in part to Twitter and apps such as Flipboard. But Google Reader — and RSS in general — is still tremendously useful for individuals that follow lots of sites and web feeds.

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