Sep 062011



Fast Flip is one of nine in a batch of products to be discontinued from Google Labs. The company announced it would shutter Labs experiments shortly after releasing its second-quarter earnings results in mid-July.

Other Labs products Google will shut down:

Aardvark: Social search product that helps people answer each others’ questions.

Desktop: Gives instant access to data while online or offline.

Fast Flip: Provides a faster, richer news content browsing and reading experience.

Google Maps API for Flash: Allows ActionScript developers to integrate Google Maps into their applications.

Google Pack: Makes it easy to download and install a package of Google and third-party applications.

Google Web Security: Protects against web malware attacks.

Image Labeler: Helps people explore and label images on the web.

Notebook: Helps people combine clipped URLs from the web and free-form notes into documents they can share and publish.

Sidewiki: A browser sidebar that lets people contribute and read information alongside any web page.

Subscribed Links: Enables developers to create specialized search results that were added to the normal Google search results on relevant queries for subscribed users.

via Could Google Fast Flip Have Survived on Tablets?.