Jul 162012

Those of you looking to buy Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet may have a wait on your hands.

Unveiled late last month, the tablet has slowly trickled into the retail market. Google was naturally first in line, offering the Nexus 7 as a preorder in advance of its official mid-July launch. Other retailers, such as GameStop, Staples, and Sam’s Club, soon followed suit.

But a lot of eager customers apparently scooped up those pre-sales, since the tablet is playing hard to get at most outlets.
GameStop, which is selling the 16GB edition, is showing the tablet as backordered. Further details reveal that the gaming outlet has ordered more stock from the vendor, and blogging site ITProPortal says another shipment of tablets is expected to reach GameStop in August.

Staples, Office Depot, and Sam’s Club all show the Nexus 7 as currently out of stock with no further information as to its availability. Google’s own site is promising that the tablet will “ship soon,” meaning a 1-2 week delay.

via Googles Nexus 7 tablet already out of stock at key retailers