Sep 252012

Apple’s iPhone 5 beat Samsung’s Galaxy S3 in a display tech “shoot-out” at screen testing firm DisplayMate Technologies.

The iPhone 5’s Retina screen is the best smartphone display that DisplayMate has tested to date, according to results the firm posted today.

iPhone 5: “It is a significant improvement over the display in the iPhone 4,” said DisplayMate’s Raymond Soneira, who cited much lower screen reflections, much higher image contrast and screen readability in high ambient lighting — the latter, the highest he’s ever tested.

DisplayMate — which gave the display an “A” — also cited improved color gamut and factory calibration that “delivers very accurate colors and very good picture quality.” The Retina iPad is the only thing that beats it in accuracy, according to Soneira.

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Sep 242012

Reports are surfacing that iPhone 5s purchased from Verizon are arriving unlocked usable on any GSM cell network. Jeff Benjamin at iDownloadBlog notes that he was able to insert a cut-to-size AT&T SIM into his new Verizon iPhone 5 and connect to AT&T’s HSPA+ cellular network, without having to pester Verizon for permission. When contacted about the matter, Verizon confirmed to him that the device was indeed fully unlocked.

This is a tremendous boon to US customers, who have in the past had to argue long and hard for the privilege of detaching their iPhones from their primary carrier’s network.

MOREVerizon ships its iPhone 5 unlocked | Ars Technica.


Sep 192012

The iPhone 5 is here.

I’ve had the opportunity to play around with the latest iPhone for the past several days. I won’t beat around the bush: it’s fantastic.

Of course, you’re probably expecting me to say that. But that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. The fact of the matter is, you can either listen to me or lose out. You’re going to want this phone.

Reading the press coverage since the unveiling, you may have heard that the iPhone 5 is disappointing, or boring. Those people, quite frankly, are fools. They either haven’t actually used the device, or only played with it for a few minutes in the hands-on area after last week’s event. (Or worse, they’re projecting their own boredom in their jobs due to Apple’s dominance of the tech scene these past few years.) Using a device on a regular basis is what really matters. And in that regard, the iPhone 5 shines in just about every conceivable way.

In fact, I’ll go a step farther: I really do believe this is the best iPhone upgrade that Apple has done yet (besting the iPhone-to-iPhone 3G jump and the iPhone 3GS-to-iPhone 4 jump). As such, it’s the best version of the iPhone yet. By far.

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Sep 172012

The iPhone 5‘s A6 processor appears to be roughly twice as fast as any chip in an existing iOS product, if results posted by Geekbench prove to be accurate.

The results show a score of 1,601, beating the dual-core A5 and A5X processors in the iPhone 4s and third-generation iPad (Retina), respectively.

Previous benchmarks of the Retina iPad show a score of 794 (iPad with 3G/4G). The iPhone 4S posted a score of 631.

If these iPhone 5 benchmarks are legitimate, they would match Apple’s claims. “With the new A6 chip, just about everything you do on iPhone 5 is noticeably faster — up to twice as fast compared with the A5 chip,” Apple states on its iPhone 5 features page.

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