Jul 112011

On Friday, Judge Jordan threw out the direct infringement charge. The courts have long held that a finding of direct infringement requires a “volitional act” by the infringer. Jordan ruled that it was Hotfile’s users—not Hotfile itself—that decided which files to submit. And therefore, Hotfile cannot be guilty of direct copyright infringement.

On the other hand, the judge refused to throw out the secondary liability charge. The case will now proceed to determine whether Hotfile is, in fact, guilty of inducing its users to infringe copyright.

via Judge rules “locker” site is not direct copyright infringer.

..internal..: Is a bookseller responsible for plagiarists? 

Jul 112011

Added a couple of plugins to WordPress to integrate our posts throughout our social nodes. Hopefully everything will run smoothly!

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Jul 112011

Berlin’s oldest university says it is partnering with Google and three German institutions to start a research institute.

Humboldt University announced Monday that the institute would open in the fall and examine the evolution of the Internet and its impact on society, science, politics and the economy.


Newsvine – Google to open research institute.


Jul 102011

We just updated our website, and our WordPress blog. Find latest information about our company and other things we find of interest. Fairly skimpy right now, but we will be updating once or twice a week.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Oct 202010


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