Aug 062012

Earlier this year, the Myspace team proudly announced that it had signed up 1 million new users in the span of a month. Monthly traffic was rising — and it still is. “For the past few years, it’s always been ‘My-who?’ when anyone mentions the former social networking giant,” says Steve Knapp, director of brand activation at Carmichael Lynch. As an advertising executive, Knapp has pioneered programs in social media for companies such as Nike, General Mills, and Northwestern Mutual.

“Marketers tend to forget over 29 million people visited Myspace last month,” Knapp says. “That’s more than Pinterest, Tumblr, or Spotify. What’s more, most people already know the brand. Myspace was likely was the first social experience where you connected with friends, discovered new bands, or maybe even ‘friended’ brands. Now armed with a massive catalog of free music, people and marketers alike need to understand the reasons to come back. I’m not sure what it is yet, but there is scale and focus. Maybe if Justin Timberlake starts making sales calls, more brands will take notice.”

So while the general public continues to laugh and make snide comments about MySpace, more and more media and advertising executives are beginning to take notice. Now more than ever before, there seems to be rather strong evidence that it’s time to get serious about Myspace yet again — and here’s why.

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