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James Andre

The Owner
Born with a entrepreneurial disposition, James Andre started his first business at age 12 doing whatever odd jobs could be found in the neighborhood, like raking leaves, hauling trash, and washing cars. After major road reconstruction slowed business at the restaurant he operated for five years, he decided to sell off the business, move south, skip winter and decide what business to get into next.

A few years passed and he was still trying to decide. Then James realized that he had heard all the statistics about most businesses failing, and had seen many people start off in business without knowing the scope of the challenges and hazards that they would face.

In over thirty years of working for himself and others, James had gained experience in a variety of industries, and a solid understanding of what it takes to launch and build a business. Instead of starting another business for himself, why not make a business out of helping others succeed in their business? James Andre founded Internal in 2008.

Hard work, experience, strong ethics, excellent communication skills, clear vision, and straight talk. That's what you get when you hire Internal.

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